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Business HR Consulting Services

Nityodayam Consulting LLP helps its clients in the conduct of its operational business by providing support in the following HR operations. The purpose of providing such focused support is to ensure seamless and hazzle-free HR support to its clientele both from a process and practice adherence perspective. Nityodayam Consulting LLP is known to drive the business results for its clients by proposing appropriate checks and balances in practice.

Are you looking for a dependable HR consultant for small business in India? Nityodayam Consulting LLP is indeed the right choice for you. We are a team of highly passionate consultants that works tirelessly to make sure you hire the best employees and elevate your business growth in a seamless manner.

Moreover, we work flexibly to make sure you find the best talents and receive exceptional services from our team.

Generating Strategic Map

We integrate strategic Human Resource management to optimize your business objectives and goals.

Policy development

Helping your company establish policies, procedures to propel your business towards future growth and success.

Creating Employee Handbook

Helping employees to develop the skills needed to transition into a new job role.

Organizational effectiveness

We develop on-boarding, induction processes & procedures



We recruit the right people for your business and keep your recruitment on the right side of employment law. Our broad recruitment offering includes:

Job Description & Job Specifications

We create a practical, executable roadmap to turn your employee vision into reality.

Learning & Development Plan

We re-align your workplace relations landscape for competitive, fair and collaborative outcomes.

Rewards & Recognition program

We help your employees to gain recognition and get awards for their outstanding performance or working capabilities.

Performance Pay Systems

Offering additional benefits to employees while promoting performance pay system.

Analytics & Metrics

We help you with employee performance, so you can assess their effectiveness and address any problems early on. Our broad Analytics & metrics offering includes:


Psychology & Psychometrics

We look after your employees’ health and well-being. We know the happier and healthier your employees are, the more productive they will be in your business. We can work with you to find options to suit your company size and budget. Our services include:

Learning & Development

Continuous learning is a key ingredient for success and a way to future-proof your company. We empower your current employees, whilst boosting your recruitment process and attracting recruits with a keen willingness to learn. Our services include:


Organizational Development

We develop your organization with required policies and procedures in place to communicate the rules of your organization to employees. We will tailor these for you so that as each new hire comes onboard, your procedures clearly communicate how your business operates. Our services include:

OD Interventions

We provide a structured program designed to solve a problem, that helps your organization to achieve the goal. We ensure to improve your organization's functioning and enable managers and leaders to better manage their teams and organization culture. Our services include:

We have the experience you need to address your Business HR related issues.

Workplace review

We perform workplace reviews into problematic teams and departments.

Disciplinary & Grievance

We will make sure you have a comprehensive disciplinary and grievance policy and our process will be legally compliant

Designing process templates

We will provide you with the correct contracts for all your staff, helping new staff learn the correct way to do things and reminds existing employees of the rules.

Exit & Retention strategies

We can help you to establish the most relevant checklist for your company for the exit and retention process.

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