Strategic HR

Building the Best Team for Your Business

Tailoring to your Strategic HR needs

We help your business to pick the tried-and-tested guided process that identifies weaknesses and opportunities in a company’s HR strategy and produce a strategic roadmap for you to develop your HR function in line with your business objectives.

Generating Strategic Map

We integrate strategic Human Resource management to optimize your business objectives and goals.

Policy development

Helping your company establish policies, procedures to propel your business towards future growth and success.

Creating Employee Handbook

Helping employees to develop the skills needed to transition into a new job role.

Organizational effectiveness

We develop on-boarding, induction processes & procedures

Strategic HR Consulting

Nityodayam Consulting LLP helps its clientele by aligning its business strategy to its business goals. Besides this, Nityodayam Consulting LLP also supports its clients to come up with functional strategies that would be inline with its corporate business strategy to ensure overall Strategic business impact as a whole.

Nityodayam Consulting LLP allows you to make the best team to serve you tailored strategic HR needs. We have come up as a leading hub where you get strategic HR consulting in India and run your business in a seamless manner. We create an employee handbook for you and strive to serve you quick access to the top talents in the industry. Whatever your future goals may be, we are here to provide you with the best consulting solutions.


Performance Management Systems

For your business, we provide the perfect opportunity to take a step back and get clarity on what you need to do to lead, grow and protect your organization.

Job Description & Job Specifications

We help you to erase those ambiguities and further to bring in transparency for your entire workforce on their roles & responsibilities

Learning & Development Plan

We re-align your workplace relations landscape for competitive, fair and collaborative outcomes.

Rewards & Recognition program

We help design custom rewards & recognition schemes that yield employee motivation per your business requirement.

Performance Pay Systems

We offer pragmatically feasible as well as cost-effective performance pay systems that promote employee-friendly Organizational culture.

We have the experience you need to address your strategic HR related issues.

Flexible HR consultant

We provide HR services that work and align with your human resources management needs.


Workplace review

We perform workplace reviews into problematic teams and departments.

Disciplinary & Grievance

We will make sure you have a comprehensive disciplinary and grievance policy and our process will be legally compliant

Designing process templates

We will provide you with the correct contracts for all your staff, helping new staff learn the correct way to do things and reminds existing employees of the rules.

Exit & Retention strategies

We can help you to establish the most relevant checklist for your company for the exit and retention process.

Looking for expert HR support?

We help you focus on your business by taking care of all your strategic HR requirements.